Serenade (ongoing)

About: Our ever-growing collection of scores constructed from illustrations, stencils, photographs and other materials, alongside two piano chorales, forms the basis of a musical performance of indeterminate length for any number of players.  The project takes ‘Mixed Media’ – the title of our previous project – as its starting point.  The scores are developed consecutively with each addition acting as a reinterpretation of an existing score in the collection.  The piece was originally commissioned by the LSO, forming the final phase of our LSO Soundhub residency.

SEPTEMBER 2014: Colourscape, Clapham Common, London

Serenade was adapted to fit the unique Colourscape installation, as part of a special 25th anniversary concert. Our piece was performed by player from Jane’s Minstrels, renowned new music specialists. Roving musicians moved around the colourful interior of the tent, using radio-microphones to spread their sounds throughout the entire structure.

JANUARY 2014: LSO St Luke’s, London

The premiere featured players from the LSO, alongside Collectives and Curiosities’ Jacob Thompson-Bell and Michael Betteridge as “directors”, in a 10 minute performance.

Mixed Media

JUNE 2013: LSO St Luke’s, London

An interdisciplinary evening of installations and performances at LSO St Luke’s curated by Collectives and Curiosities. The project was supported by LSO Soundhub over a six-month period, with three key workshops integrating dance, film and elements of live and electronic music. The final event incorporated work developed over the course of the residency.

Mixed Media

MAY 2013: LSO St Luke’s, London

A fifteen-minute set including compositions for solo guitar and dancer, wind quartet, and viola with soundtrack and film. Created specially for the LSO Soundhub Showcase Concert 2013.

|| : figure refraction ground : ||

SEPTEMBER 2012: Blankspace Gallery, Manchester

A five-day audio-visual installation at Blankspace Gallery, Manchester. In association with Blank Media Collective, and supported by funding from the RNCM, we developed pieces with artists Hayley Andrew, Joanne McClung and Debbie Sharp. Sounds included graphic scores reinterpreting Brodsky, a string quartet, the Collectives and Curiosities Songbook and an audio loop, replaying sounds made in the gallery each day.


MARCH 2012: Brodsky Bar, Manchester

A live performance in the Brodsky Bar at the RNCM, Manchester. The event drew together music by each of the collective, featuring recompositions of each other’s work. Music included a thirteen piece chamber ensemble work, pieces for solo piano, dance-inspired movements and movement-based graphic scores taking over the whole space.