Serenade (January/September 2014)

Serenade (ongoing)

About: Our ever-growing collection of scores constructed from illustrations, stencils, photographs and other materials, alongside two piano chorales, forms the basis of a musical performance of indeterminate length for any number of players.  The project takes ‘Mixed Media’ – the title of our previous project – as its starting point.  The scores are developed consecutively with each addition acting as a reinterpretation of an existing score in the collection.  The piece was originally commissioned by the LSO, forming the final phase of our LSO Soundhub residency.

SEPTEMBER 2014: Colourscape, Clapham Common, London

Serenade was adapted to fit the unique Colourscape installation, as part of a special 25th anniversary concert. Our piece was performed by player from Jane’s Minstrels, renowned new music specialists. Roving musicians moved around the colourful interior of the tent, using radio-microphones to spread their sounds throughout the entire structure.

JANUARY 2014: LSO St Luke’s, London

The premiere featured players from the LSO, alongside Collectives and Curiosities’ Jacob Thompson-Bell and Michael Betteridge as “directors”, in a 10 minute performance.